Who Are We At First Christian Church

First Christian Church is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We are one of approximately 3,700 Disciples congregations in the United States and Canada, which represent about 700,000 persons. We are a part of the Tennessee Region which includes 67 congregations and about 20,000 members.

whowearepicOur denomination traces its roots back to the Restoration Movement of the early 1800s. Our founders sought to end the divisions in the body of Christ by eliminating creeds, celebrating individual freedoms, and affirming the New Testament faith of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Historically, we have promoted Christian unity by building love and respect for all who follow Christ as Lord.

We are a people on a mission. We understand that our response to God’s grace must include compassion for all people. We support efforts to spread the good news of God’s love around the world so that all persons may experience the freedom and joy found in God’s grace. We support social ministries that lift up persons from poverty, oppression, disease, and neglect.

To be a part of First Christian Church is to be a part of a great ministry that is local and global. It is to be a part of a family of faith that affirms the dignity and worth of all people.We are a people of the table. Through weekly observance of communion we stress the covenant we share with God and we receive of our Lord Jesus Christ personally and collectively.

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

We, the members of First Christian Church, adopt this as our mission: to share the good news of God’s love, made known in Jesus Christ, and to call persons into the community of faith where in they may live out their response to God’s love.

We are called as the church to:

Cherish Our Past
Celebrate Our Present
Claim Our Future