Easter – 2020

Dear Church Family and Friends,

These remain trying times for all of us. We all miss the contact with each other and miss faces we haven’t seen in several weeks. Unfortunately the ‘stay at home’ order will probably prohibit us from meeting in a physical setting together for the foreseeable future. This does make it more difficult to worship together, but by using audio and video technology we are still able to worship. The lack of physical and visual contact with each other is especially missed during Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Many of the traditions that have carried on through the years will not come to fruition this year because of our semi-isolation. We will miss the Spring Easter outfits, the glorious and uplifting music, our beautiful sanctuary with the Easter morning sun shining through the windows; however we are NOT going to miss the tradition of our Easter Flower Cross. We will continue that tradition, and should be able to maintain our social distancing while doing so.

The cross form will be placed on the front steps of the church on Saturday afternoon. Anyone who wishes to bring flowers may do so Saturday afternoon after 5:00 pm, or Easter Sunday morning before 10:00 am. The flowers can be placed on the cross, or simply left and they will be placed at a later time. If you see extra flowers that have been left on the sidewalk or on the steps, feel free to go ahead and place them on the cross. If someone happens to be there when you arrive, simply wait until they are finished, or at least observe the social distancing rule of six feet. if you have a mask or face covering, please wear it; and if you have gloves please wear them. The cross will remain displayed on the front steps as it has been these last several years and will visually declare to everyone who sees it that Christ has risen! The sight of the Easter Flower Cross not only only moves and inspires us as a congregation, but it also touches all those who pass by and see it and those that view it on social media. It will look different, as it always does, but it will just as beautiful and even more meaningful by everyone’s participation. Please make sure that all of our church family knows what we are doing, and pass the word along to your friends and relations in the community. We are ALL in this together… and we will ALL rejoice in the risen Lord!

Blessings to all for this Holy Week!