In order for the Search Committee to better serve the needs of All Members we are asking several people to deliver our Messages. They have differing appearances and styles. Your Committee is committed in trying to meet the needs and desires of our Congregation, and in an effort to perform that responsibility, you all have a responsibility to make your wishes, likes, and dislikes, known to us in a positive way…

Below is a list of guest speakers through August. Please keep this sheet, and any additional pages you have until the list of Speakers is finished. Next to each person, tell us what you liked about each speaker. None of the people listed is a candidate for our Minister.

5 – Willy Brown
12 – Collin Jorgenson
19 – Willy Brown
26 – David Hazelwood
2 – Roger Cowley
9 – Peter Demos
16 – David Coffey
23 – Willy Brown

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